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It's about blogging time!


It's about blogging time...


So here it is,  this is happening.   It's only taken me 3 years to finally pluck up the courage to write a blog.   But, I wanted to be able to keep you up to date with any new products or events, hopefully offer any tips or advice and give you a sneaky insight into my world.  But most importantly, I'd love to be able to share with you the creative community that I have happily found myself immersed in.  Some of these creatives, I am now lucky enough to call my friends.  So bear with me if I make any mistakes or blogging faux pas along the way.


My studio space

I'd like to take a tiny mo to thank you if you are reading this... my very first blog post.  Some of you may know me or of my work, and if you too are a newbie, welcome!  Here is a little bit about me in a nutshell.  I set up my small biz about 4 years ago and decided to take the leap of faith to do what I do full time about 3 years ago and I've not looked back since.  I work from the spare room/office/studio in our little cottage in the heart of Cornwall, which I share with my longtime manfriend, Patrick and my two flooofy cat friends.  I am the illustrator/designer/maker and chief critic at Katy Pillinger Designs. 

Gifts & Accessories - Good Vibes Pin Badge | Katy Pillinger Designs

I'm all about 'Good Vibes'.

Admittedly, writing is not my strong suit, especially if the topic is myself.  I have often thought 'who in their right mind would want to listen to little ol' me?' Let alone, read what I have to say.  But, what I can share with you is the abundance of lovely makers that exist, tucked away in their very own creative corners of the South West.   I have met some truly talented people who, like so many of us are finding their own path for success, through dedication, hard work, passion and love for their craft and I think that is a voice worthy of being heard. 

           The Makers' Market Penzance | Katy Pillinger Designs Blog    The Makers' Market Blog post | Katy Pillinger Designs

The Markers' Market at The Newlyn Exchange Gallery, Penzance


So, let me begin with my latest event which took place this weekend at the wonderful Makers' Market at The Newlyn Exchange Gallery.  Being an art gallery, the space and light is amazing.  It is the perfect place to showcase your work in all it's sparkly glory.  Not only does the gallery  have a friendly art vibe, the café is something of a little gem.  The food is darn tasty and the cakes... well, feast your eyes on these beauts!
The first maker I would like to bring to the table is the lovely Rosie Drake Knight.  I love Rosie's work and am the proud owner of a couple of her items.  Rosie's ethical, sustainable approach is admirable not to mention, oh so beautiful.  Her ethos for sustainable living comes across in her minimal designs with such attention to detail (check out those luscious leather tassels). 


Rosie Drake Knight

My second maker is someone who I met for the first time yesterday, and I can honestly say, I'm so glad we did.  Rose from Brickworks is someone I instantly liked and thought 'we could be friends'.  Her gentle nature is mirrored by her gorgeous understated little ceramic flower pots.  I instantly fell in love with them.  I adore tiny things anyway, but pop a plant in it and I'm sold!  You can find Rose at Jubilee Wharf at her studio / workshop in Penryn.  

Cornish Makers Blog post | Katy Pillinger Designs
Hannah Batstone // Contemporary jewellery is another firm favourite of mine.  I've gotten to know Hannah by popping up at a few events together and her jewellery collection is equally as lovely as her.  Effortlessly elegant, yet modern and so, so beautiful.  Each piece is handcrafted using traditional silversmithing.  I snapped this image as she was setting up her stall, much to her horror, but the candid ones are always the best *wink. If you find yourself in The Penryn area, be sure to stop by The Old Bank Studios to see Hannah at work.
The Makers' market Blog  Katy Pillinger Designs
Hannah Batstone // Contemporary Jewellery
A couple of my other fave jewellers is Sarah Drew Jewellery, not only a fab jeweller, but a friend and fellow Etsy team Organiser.  Sarah uses eco silver, enamel, found seaglass and plastic.  She is essentially saving the planet, whilst making pretty things.  Go Sarah!  Alongside Faye Wilson from Stuff Made From Things, who's modern twist appeals to the youthful, playful me.
                  Sarah Drew Jewellery                        Stuff Made From Things
I've got a bit of a thing for ceramics at the mo.  So I was very taken with these scrummy pots and bowls by The Ceramic Design Studio Dor & Tan.  These are the most tactile ceramics, the surfaces are so smooth, I could imagine myself hugging a cup of hot chocolate or porridge in the depths of winter, but equally enjoying a nice bowl of fresh Cornish strawberries in the summer.
The Ceramic Design Studio Dor & Tan
And last, but certainly not least.  Edith & Bertha's linen clothing.  It encompasses everything that The Makers' Market had set out to achieve with the carefully curated selection of regional makers. Offering simple, design-led, functional products with the comfort in the knowledge that you've supported small businesses, locally. 
Edith & Bertha   
So, there it is.  My first Blog and it feels good.  Thanks for sticking with me. 

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